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Subversion of the best swiss replica richard mille traditional horse escapement principle of vertical devices, Athens anchor escapement constant swing is the result of eight years of research and development results, the world's first richard mille replica watches. This device is assembled in a 60-second rotation of the tourbillon among elastic silicon material principle is based on the spring fashion show unprecedented sheet structure. Constant swinging escapement made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely from silicon material, using a circular silicon frame, it will not produce the friction force is attached to the escapement fork swing . Escapement fork consists of two pieces of fine spring plate fixed to the suspension in the middle, at right angles to the spring plate is fixed, the two will bend when pressed, but while at the same time maintaining their stability in the swing state of constant and so on. Thus, the positive energy value resulting balance wheel can be maintained at a constant average rate swings, and not captured by the richard mille replica impact of vertical wheel torque.
There is an important characteristic of the new features of this watch dial: Located on the 4 o'clock position of the three-day power reserve indicator arc. In addition to this very practical function, the replica richard mille is also equipped with a date display, second hand zero and the rapid adjustment of system time . Dark green dial with a time scale , bronze studs table surrounded by an outer box, also equipped with a standard scale to measure dive times. Bezel by replica richard mille designed and patented a special system to connect, it can accurately ensure ratchet each move only one space. Sapphire crystal case back fixed by a titanium ring on the case , the choice of the reason lies in its titanium skin irritation is extremely low. Through the bottom you can enjoy entirely by Panerai watch factory located Bendict Thiel independent research and development production Panerai P.9002 movement. P.9002 movement contains 237 components , oscillating weight on the chain can be two-way, and two barrels can be connected to up to replica richard mille three days to accumulate power reserve. Variable inertia balance wheel vibration frequency of 28,800 radial distribution of four replica richard mille speed screws in the balance wheel.